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Continuing Education
Click here for Current opportunitiesContinuing education is mandatory both for maintaining your AIA membership as well as maintaining your license to practice architecture in Minnesota. The requirements vary slightly and are as follows:

AIA’s Requirement

AIA’s requirement is 18 hours of continuing education, 8 of which must address Health, Safety, Welfare (HSW) issues. As of January 2009, 4.0 hours of these 8 hours must be Sustainable Design Credits. Examples of HSW seminars are those that address building codes, fire codes, accessibility issues, environmental issues, structural issues, etc. This is an annual requirement. If you exceed the requirement in any given year, up to 18 hours can be carried over to the following year (but no more than one year’s requirement can be carried over). If you do not meet the requirement, you have a grace period of nine months (through September 30) to make up the preceeding year’s requirement but you must meet the current year’s requirement, as well.


State of Minnesota’s Requirement

Continuing education is required to maintain your license in Minnesota.  The requirement is 24 hours of Health Safety Welfare credits every two years. The current biennium is July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2012. Up to 12 hours of credit can be carried over from one biennium to the next.

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Reporting and Record Keeping

Transcript and Self-Reports
If you attend an AIA seminar (or other seminar that is sponsored by an AIA Registered Provider), the credit for your attendance will be reported for you to AIA and recorded on your AIA transcript. If you'd like to check yoru transcript or if you participate in continuing education activity for which you’d like to receive credit, use the Self-Report Form at "Find Your Trascript" on the national site at This transcript should be acceptable to verify HSW continuing education credit for the State of Minnesota, as well. However, the State and AIA advise you to keep a file of your continuing education activities including dates, subjects, duration, sponsor, hours, receipts, program brochures, handouts, etc.

For more information, check out the web sites shown above or you can contact Deanna Christiansen, AIA Minnesota Continuing Education Director.