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Architectural Registration Examination (ARE)

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Once you have completed your education and your IDP, you can sit for the exam.
On this page you can find:

ARE Review Courses and Lending Library

ARE Seminars

The AIA Minnesota IDP committee organizes seminars to help interns prepare for the ARE. The committee has transitioned AIA Minnesota's reviews to reflect the 4.0 version of the exam.

2013 Fall ARE Reviews are now scheduled:
Construction Documents & Services – September 16 & 23
Building Systems – October 7, 14, 21
Programming Planning & Practice – November 12 at the AIA Minnesota Convention.


Details and registration available now on the Continuing Education Opportunities page.


ARE Lending Library

AIA Minnesota has established a lending library of study materials from Kaplan Architecture and Professional Publications, Inc. that cover all sections of the exam. The materials are available to AIA Associate members only and can be checked out of the office for a period of 14 days. The lending library is free.

The Lending Library now has five new books by various authors donated to AIA Minnesota by members who found these books helpful as they prepared to take the exams. These books can be checked out by AIA Associate members for a period of 30 days. These books include:

Sun, Wind & Light: Architectural Design Strategies – 2nd edition by G. Z. Brown and Mark DeKay
Western Architecture by Ian Sutton
Structures – 4th edition by Daniel L. Schodek
Architecture: Form, Space and Order – 2nd edition by Francis D.K. Ching
Design Drawing by Francis D.K. Ching with Steven P. Juroszek

For a complete list of books and lending library details, read the ARE Lending Library Policies and contact Deanna Christiansen to confirm availability.

Other ARE Study Resources

NCARB Study Guides

The NCARB study guides come in 2 volumes, purchased separately. The Multiple-Choice Divisions volume contains approximately 30 sample exam questions, with answers, for each division.

The Graphics Divisions volume contains sample passing and failing solutions for the vignettes included on the practice program for the ARE graphics divisions. The practice program is free and downloadable from the NCARB website (but has no solutions).

To order these two volumes on the NCARB website, go to Publications on the Site Map, and click on ARE Study Guides, then click on Order Form to the right

Kaplan (previously ALS)

Well-known study guides for all sections of the Architectural Registration Exam.

Professional Publication, Inc.

Order study guides and get answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the ARE.

David Kent Ballast

The quintessential ARE study guides are available at many bookstores, including Prairie Avenue Bookstore and Professional Publications. Many public libraries also carry his books.

Click here for ARE-Solutions, the late Professor Norman K. Dorf
Guide books, home study courses, and workshops

Click here for Archiflash
A great set of flash cards that cover all 9 divisions of the exam.

Click here for Prairie Avenue Bookstore
A great bookstore in Chicago that carries only architecture books. Order on-line or get a catalog.

Arcade Publishers
Arcade Publishers, P.O. Box 5487, Hercules, CA 94547 510-799-3046
Mock design vignette exams, self-study guide, workbook, and seminars

Click here for ARE Forums
A free service web site developed in April 2004 with the goal to become a
top online destination for all ARE candidates.


Steps to Become Registered as an Architect in Minnesota

The Board of Architecture, Engineering, Land Surveying, Landscape Architecture, Geosciece and Interior Design (AELSLAGID) licenses architects after completion of IDP and ARE.

  • click here to Request Transmittal of IDP Council Record

      To become registered as an architect in Minnesota, you must have a professional degree from an accredited school and complete IDP. The MN Registration Board accepts NCARB's IDP Council Record for licensure in MN. 90 days prior to completing IDP, request that your NCARB IDP Council Record be sent to your state board.

  • Click here for Minnesota License Application
      Complete the state License Application and pay the $75 fee. After review, you will be sent an "Authorization to Test." See ARE Guidelines, Step 1- Verifying Your Information, for more details. Your test scores for each division will be sent directly to your state board, who will then notify you.

ARE Contacts


ARE Scholarships

2014 Scholarship

Ross Elenkiwich, Assoc. AIA, I & S Group in Faribault was selected to receive AIA Minnesota’s 2013 ARE Scholarship. Congratulations,Ross!

Click here to read Ross' essay.


2014 Scholarship Application deadline was Monday, January 31, 2014

Click here to download the ARE Scholarship Details
Click here to download the ARE Scholarship Application


The AIA Minnesota IDP/ARE Committee coordinates awarding a scholarship to an AIA Minnesota Associate member for completing and passing all sections of the Architectural Registration Exam. Test fees currently total $1,470 for all seven sections of the 4.0 exam.


  • By the time of application, the applicant must be an AIA Minnesota Associate member.
  • Eligible applicants may have begun the test taking process but will be asked to note their current status of taking the exam.
  • The applicant's employer does not reimburse employees for test fees.



Scholarships have been previously awarded to:
Allissa Pier and Travis Miller
2007: Puneet Vedi and James Arentson and Rebecca Hine
2008: Jennifer Wyman
2009: James Lindborg and David Wilson
2010: Ryan Erspamer
2013: Jessica Soffer Kraft, Assoc. AIA, Bentz / Thompson / Rietow

Questions? Contact Deanna Christiansen, AIA Minnesota, 275 Market Street, Suite 54, Minneapolis, MN 55405; email,

ARE Information on the NCARB Website

The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) administers the ARE. Their website has all the information you need to prepare for the exam. Some of the things you can find on their site include:

    * ARE Overview
    * ARE Guidelines (PDF)
    * Divisions of the Exam
    * Transitioning to ARE 4.0
    * Exam Practice Software to download
    * Applying for Examination
    * Transmitting your IDP Council Record to your state board
    * Test Fees
    * Test Center Locations
    * ARE Pass Rates
    * ARE Frequently Asked Questions
    * Latest NCARB News Clips (check often for changes)