Emerging Professionals Committee

  • July 2012 - Summer "Draughting Club" gathering at McGovern's.
  • The EPC Organized a November Tour of the Twins Stadium.

The Emerging Professionals Committee, (EPC), is a group which focuses on engaging Associate members and Architects within their first ten years of licensure through programs and activities that encourage membership, participation, and leadership in the profession.

Committee Information
The Emerging Professionals Committee provides development activities and programs including, but not limited to, field trips, lectures, seminars, and roundtable discussions relevant to emerging professionals such as starting a firm, advancing within an existing firm (leadership/early career development), career alternatives (both within and beyond traditional practice), and balancing professional and personal life. The committee will provide a forum in which the specific needs of emerging professionals can be discussed and addressed. The committee will also seek young professionals in and around the architectural profession, and distribute information to them to increase the basic understanding of the American Institute of Architects. The Wednesday night Draughting Club (WNDC), along with educational and informative events such as the Speed Portfolio Review and firm tours are hallmarks of EPC's annual calendar.

The Emerging Professionals Committee meets the first Wednesday of each month at the AIA Minnesota office at International Market Square. The EPC invites any and all to attend, participate & contribute, aiming to educate individuals on the various opportunities and advantages membership with in the professional organization offers. The EPC is always looking for additional individuals to take on leadership positions with in the committee.

Join us on Facebook: AIA MN Emerging Professional Committee.
Also reference the EPC's Google Docs Public Distributions Folder for committee information.

Chair: Jodi Masanz Larson, Assoc. AIA, and Von Petersen, Assoc. AIA

AIA Staff Liaison: Angie McKinley

Meeting Date: First Wednesday of the month at 7:30a.m. in the AIA Minnesota office.

Leadership Book Club


The EPC Leadership Book Club is open to all current AIA Minnesota emerging professionals and meets bi-monthly on the last Wednesday of the month from 6:00 – 8:00 pm at Dunn Bros. Coffee (4648 E. Lake Street, Minneapolis). Book club participants come to each meeting prepared to discuss a book selected by the group that relates to leadership

EPC Dimensions Competition


I'm an Architect...Now What?
So you’ve completed your IDP, passed your ARE’s, and have successfully achieved licensure. Congratulations!… Now what? To address this issue, we’ve developed a document for those looking for further information. This document is intended to be used as a quick roadmap to the first steps following successful registration as an architect. Some steps are specific to the state of Minnesota, however other state registrations are also discussed. Enjoy!

AIA Associate Membership
Learn about the benefits of AIA Associate membership.

AIA National Young architects forum
Learn how to get involved at the national level at aia.org/professionals

Emerging Professionals Companion
This resource, free for AIA Associate members, is a complete revision of the 1992 Supplementary Education Handbook (Supp Ed Handbook) and can be used by interns to receive credit toward IDP. The EPC is updated for current practice models and expanded to include the varied paths that an intern or licensed architect may consider during his or her career in architecture. The goals of the EPC are to:
* Support the intern in the IDP process, particularly in gaining credit
* Develop practice competency through design excellence and innovation
* Increase support, involvement, and mentoring of firms, supervisors and mentors
* Allow for greater personalization of experience within a reliable structure
* Create a resource that is stimulating, affordable, flexible, available and easy to update

For more information on the Emerging Professionals Companion or to place an order for your free copy, go to www.epcompanion.org

ARE Preparation
Several sessions corresponding to the Architectural Registration Exam categories to be hosted at various firms over the course of the year to aid individuals in preparation and understanding of the test process and the exams themselves. Note: study materials are available for check out for AIA members for a 2 week time period. Contact Deanna Christiansen for more information.

EPC Recommended Events & activities
The University of Minnesota, College of Design's Lecture Series includes lectures and discussions over the course of the year involving multiple disciplines with an emphasis on architecture. See the College of Design website for more information.

AIA Minnesota Continuing Education Programs through out the year span various topics. Learn more at AIA Minnesota's CE web page

ARE Study Materials and the Lending Library
provide many resources at no charge to members. AIA Minnesota's lending library of study materials from Kaplan Architecture and Professional Publications, Inc. covers all sections of the exam. The materials are available to AIA Associate members only and can be checked out of the office for a period of 14 days. The lending library is free. For details, read the ARE Lending Library Policies. Contact Deanna Christiansen to confirm availability.