Adjunct Instructor - Architectural Drafting and Estimating

Post Date: Tuesday, November 5
Job Title: Adjunct Instructor - Architectural Drafting and Estimating
Organization: Dunwoody College of Technology
Description: Founded in 1914, Dunwoody College of Technology is a private, not-for-profit, endowed institution of higher education. It is one of the few institutions of its kind in the nation, and has been a champion of applied education throughout its history. Its mission is to provide students with a high-quality technical education that results in an immediate job and a fulfilling career. Located in the Lowry Hill neighborhood next to downtown Minneapolis, Dunwoody College offers bachelor’s and associate’s degrees in a variety of technical fields. The College maintains strong ties to local business and industry and values a diverse faculty, support staff, and student body and their unique contributions to an inclusive Dunwoody community.
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Misc. Info: As articulated by our founder William Hood Dunwoody, the College's vision is to provide As articulated by our founder William Hood Dunwoody, the College's vision is to provide "for all time" a place where people of diverse backgrounds receive learning opportunities that prepare them for "the better performance of life's duties." Dunwoody College of Technology currently has the need for an Adjunct Instructor within its construction programs in Architectural Drafting & Design major. The instructor will be responsible for teaching and maintaining, updating, designing and/or developing new curriculum in line with current industry standards and practices. The successful candidate will have the ability to disseminate the technical information required to the students along with applying the candidate’s own industry experiences to reinforce the prevalent theories in the program. MAJOR OBJECTIVE: This position is responsible for initiating the teaching and learning process with a focus on continuous improvement; creating an environment in which students can accomplish the learning competencies of the course of instruction; maintaining, updating, designing and developing new curriculum. The result should be students’ abilities to demonstrate the knowledge, skills, ethics, and use of proper tools to meet industry and professional business standards. ACCOUNTABILITIES: · Maintain curriculum on campus network. · Facilitates learning activities so that students learn the principles, theory, skills, and work ethic necessary to become proficient for entry level positions. · Creates a positive learning environment. · Monitors, assesses and advises learners on technical and academic progress and performance including providing midterm and final grades by deadline, recording daily course attendance and record individual activity grades in a timely manner. · Uses current academic and industry practices in assigned courses of instruction. · Maintains, updates, designs and/or develops new curriculum within assigned course of instruction. · Other duties as assigned. QUALIFICATIONS: · Bachelors in Architecture (or equivalent) required with a Master’s degree preferred. · Licensed architects preferred. · 1-3 years professional teaching experience in related field preferred. · 3-5 years of related industry experience. · Membership in industry organizations. · Ability to work collaboratively and motivated independently. · Ability to express self clearly and concisely both orally and in writing. · Ability to use online resources to support the management and delivery of instruction. · Ability to maintain effective working relationships with others. · Ability to operate personal computer, audio visual equipment and other office equipment. Interested candidates must apply online at Dunwoody College of Technology is an Equal Opportunity Employer.