Accounting Manager | Benefits Administrator

Post Date: Tuesday, August 27
Job Title: Accounting Manager | Benefits Administrator
Organization: UrbanWorks Architecture LLC
Description: If you’re an experienced accounting professional who thrives working for smaller professional service-based organizations where the hats you wear are multiple, the standards are high, and you can proactively explore options and take action…. keep reading!

More of what we’re looking for:
  • Accounting is your forte, but you have ventured into the core areas of benefits administration and find equal enjoyment serving this dual role inside a smaller firm (we’re just a little over 20 employees).
  • You’re solid. Not a missing penny gets by you when it comes to the core accounting functions and financial management: managing accounts receivable and accounts payable, generating journal entries and general ledger account reconciliations, bank reconciliations, payroll, financial statements, cash flow, financial reporting, aging accounts receivables, etc.
  • The majority of your experience has been inside a professional services firm – legal, accounting, engineering, architectural, environmental, or business consulting – where you have grown to appreciate bill rates, billable hours, and the like.
  • You appreciate detail, but don’t get so bogged down in it that you miss the forest for the trees when it comes to adding value in your work.
  • You are a hands-on, roll-up-the-sleeves accounting manager who doesn’t require endless resources to support your efforts – you work smart and creatively your output is high. You bring value when it comes to creating simple, straightforward processes that employees appreciate because you’ve saved them precious time and minimized their frustrations.
  • You’ve demonstrated steady progression in your career. You've been recognized time and time again for your critical thinking, business acumen, and sound judgment not only in the quality of your work, but the impact it has to the overall business. To that end, your current goal is to find an opportunity where you can really help drive the financial performance for a firm.

    If so far, you’re what we’re looking for, keep reading!
    As the Accounting Manager & Benefits Administrator at UrbanWorks Architecture LLC, you’ll:
  • Play a key role working with the leadership of the firm to enhance the financial performance of the organization. You’ll be expected to make recommendations to senior leadership for developing and maintaining accounting principles, practices and procedures to ensure accurate and timely financial reporting.
  • Contribute to the management of the firm through sound processes and seasoned advice when it comes to budgeting, project profit analyses, establishing key metrics for measuring profitability, and general business planning.
  • Successfully perform all areas relating to accounting functions and financial reporting, including but not necessarily limited to: daily, weekly and monthly accounting tasks and reporting, general ledger preparation, banking relationships, year end tax preparation, and the support of budget, analyses and forecast activities.
  • Manage our employee benefit plans – maintain employee information and files, manage benefit plans (medical, dental, life), administer our 401(k), manage contract renewals, keep benefit-related materials up to date, and audit and track benefit invoices and payroll deductions.
  • Oversee the performance and quality of work of the firm’s office manager who covers responsibilities including manning the front desk, ensuring office supplies are on hand, managing office vendor relationships and pulling together the details of a great office party.

    Required Experience – Where rubber meets the road.
  • You are four parts Accounting, one part HR. You possess a bachelor’s degree in Accounting or equivalent with 7 to 10 solid years of proven experience with a combination of accounting and human resource experience under your belt (and references who can speak to that). You bring seasoned knowledge of current theory and practice in business accounting. You’re knowledgeable when it comes to generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), and can bore some of your friends to tears with the vernacular. If you’re a Certified Public Accountant – extra points in our consideration of candidates.
  • You are able to run the entire accounting gamut. Your craft was fine tuned after spending time in the trenches. You bring a proven track record of creating, shaping and leading all things accounting – you love the variety and have excelled in pulling it all together in a way that is consistent and effectively meets the needs of the company. If you bring experience working in a professional services environment, you get extra points. If you have experience in an architectural firm and understand our lingo, double the extra points.
  • Your foundational tool is Deltek. You know the inner workings of Vision and value the tool when it comes to reviewing, assessing, follow up and decision making in your role. You also understand the power of the tool, but you have an acute sensibility when it comes to applying the tool in a way that truly meets the needs of the firm – meaning you’re not one to over engineer a process.
  • Your company loves you. You’re all about customer service and keeping people in the loop. Your DNA is comprised of collaboration and teamwork. You’ve never been a hermit and thrive in working with a variety of staff, external clients and business partners. You understand the value of bringing people and resources into your efforts. The people you interact with know where to find you, what to expect, and what you need. There’s no guesswork. These qualities combined with your proven results make you indispensable.

    This is the perfect role and you’re the perfect candidate.
    You’re convinced. This role fits you like a glove and you meet the qualifications we are seeking. To be considered, take time to write us a compelling cover letter as to why you think so and send it along with your resume to If you have questions regarding the application process, please call (612) 455-3100.
  • Salary: Commensurate with experience.
    Contact Information: Lynda Whittemore
    Contact Phone: (612) 280-8289
    Contact Email:
    Misc. Info: UrbanWorks Architecture LLC is an innovative midsize (20+ employees) architecture firm that pairs smart design with a unique management process for the success of our clients. Located in the North Loop warehouse district of downtown Minneapolis, we have partnered with leading clients on complex, award-winning projects – many of them comprising multiple buildings and users – for a total of more than 45 design awards and 3,400 living units valued at one half billion dollars in construction value. UrbanWorks is committed to creating wonderful places for people to live and work. We believe there is a deep connection between designing great buildings, creating great places, and achieving success for our clients. That conviction drives our practice and our professional staff on a daily basis, enabling us to add value for our clients by delivering superior design using a uniquely focused, highly disciplined process.

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