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Working with an Architect

AIA Minnesota has developed very helpful brochures for consumers to learn about how to hire and work with an architect and what to expect in the building process. The brochures are available in paper format for free by contacting the AIA Minnesota office.

"Architecturally Designed Homes and You"

Are you a homeowner with a building project and looking to work with an architect? This brochure proposes a series of questions to ask yourself to begin thinking about your project-whether a new residence, addition or remodel-and questions to ask when interviewing a potential architect.

Read the questions.
Download the brochure (PDF) Architecturally Designed Homes and You          

"The Design and Construction Process-What to Expect"
The building process involves several steps. Learn about the different phases of the design and construction process...  The "What to Expect" information can be found in pdf format on the last page of the 'Architecturally Designed Homes and You" brochure above.

"Understanding Project Delivery"

This brochure helps explain different relationships between people involved in the building process such as architect, contractor, vendor, construction manager, building owner. It also has a glossary of terms, definitions of different types of project delivery such as design-build and design-bid-build, as well as a list of 20 questions to ask in the delivery of public projects.

Download "Understanding Project Delivery" in pdf format.


"How to Hire the Right Architect"

If you represent a public or private institution, individual or company planning a construction project, this brochure will advise you in hiring an architect to help you make the critical decisions that get your project off to the right start. This brochure outlines the steps and decisions involved in hiring an architect: the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) and Request for Proposals (RFP) process, setting the requirements and vision for your project, determining budget and schedule, dealing with zoning and health, safety and welfare issues and working with public authorities reviewing your project.
View "How to Hire the Right Architect" as pdf.

  "Environmental Design Checklist for Building Owners"

This brochure gives you questions to think about and to ask your architect relating to site planning, energy, building materials, and more--all with a sustainable design approach. It was created by the AIA Minnesota Committee on the Environment.

"Environmental Design Checklist for Building Owners" (pdf)



"You and Your Architect"

You and Your Architect is a very useful brochure created by AIA National and is full of valuable information. This brochure:

  • suggests how to get started with a building project, by asking yourself questions about your needs and expectations
  • provides advice on how to interview and select an architect
  • explains the variety of services architects can provide
  • guides you through negotiating an agreement between the owner and architect, including project schedule and compensation.

Download You and Your Architect (pdf, 20 pages)