Architecture Minnesota
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September - October 2007
Vol. 33 No. 5
29        Great Adaptations
Architects are every bit as creative in renovating .historic buildings for new uses and occupants as they are in designing new buildings, as these wide-ranging projects attest.
Bank Statement: The Westin Minneapolis page 30
By Nancy A. Miller
Urban Revolution: Urban Outfitters Corporate Headquarters page 36
By Nancy A. Miller
Awaiting Further Developments: Freeborn Bank Building page 42
By Camille LeFevre
New Lease on Life: Historic Buildings Converted to Affordable and Supportive Housing page 45
By Camille LeFevre

54        Mid-Mod Minnesota
By Larry Millett and Frank Edgerton Martin

Our Historic Preservation issue seemed the perfect time to look back on midcentury modernism in Minnesota, a design era of big ideas and dreams. “What’s striking about the time,” writes Larry Millett, “is how deeply the best architects believed that modernism wasn’t just a style but a way of remaking the world.”

62        Study Hall
By Nancy A. Miller

Prized but unused historic buildings need financially viable new uses to be saved from further deterioration or the wrecking ball. But how exactly are new uses determined? Architecture Minnesota followed Miller Dunwiddie Architecture’s reuse study of the University of Minnesota’s Music Ed building to find out.

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7         Editor’s Note

11         Culture Crawl compiled by Emily Dowd
Tom Hanks and Samuel L. Jackson visit the Palace Theatre in Luverne for the Midwest premiere of a World War II documentary.
15        Conundra by Frank Edgerton Martin
Some preservation questions have straightforward answers. Others require a little more sorting out.
17        Power Points by David Eijadi, FAIA  
How to make historic buildings more energy-efficient? Each project requires its own thoughtful approach.

21        Studio by Emily Dowd
Preservation architect Robert Claybaugh, AIA, is right at home in his flexible Taylors Falls studio.
23        Platform by Camille LeFevre
Deborah Jinza Thayer’s dance company, Movement Architecture, brings its explorations of space to Minneapolis’ Southern Theater.
27        List by Bonnie McDonald
The executive director of the Preservation Alliance of Minnesota highlights five of her favorite adaptive-reuse projects around the state.

90        Place
Architect and photographer Pete Sieger, AIA, frames the serene courtyard of a midcentury masterpiece.

77      Directories of Interior Architecture and Interior Design Firms

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On the Cover
The Westin Hotel, Minneapolis
Elness Swenson Graham Architects, Inc.
Heinrich Photography

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