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American Institute of Architects Minnesota
Strategic Plan

The AIA Minnesota Board of Directors uses the Strategic Plan as a guide throughout the year as a way to stay focused on priorities.  Each fall a Board Retreat is convened to review events of the current year and confirm priorities for the coming year.  The Strategic Plan is reviewed annually and updated every 5 years.

Mission Statement — AIA National

The American Institute of Architects is the voice of the architectural profession and the resource for its members in service to society.

Mission Statement — AIA Minnesota

AIA Minnesota is the voice of the architecture profession dedicated to:

  • Serving its members
  • Advancing their value
  • Improving the quality of the built environment
Vision Statement

AIA Minnesota advocates the Minnesota architect as the valued collaborative leader in shaping the built environment for the public good.

Strategic Issues

AIA Minnesota will address four strategic issues in order to fulfill its mission and create value for its members.

Increase the public’s understanding of the AIA Minnesota architect’s value. Take a leadership position on the discussion of issues affecting the public good and the development of appropriate public policy.

Cultivate internal and external relationships to better engage and support AIA Minnesota members in strengthening society and the profession.

Provide AIA Minnesota members with a lifelong learning environment by identifying and compiling information for the delivery of knowledge that gives them a competitive advantage.

Focus AIA Minnesota resources on highly valued programs and services.

Download Strategic Plan (PDF)