YOUR CHOICE: Tour, Workshop, Film, Or On Your Own


Tour at UMD Tweed Museum of Art
$20 pp, includes soup & sandwich buffet
12:15 Soup and Sandwich Buffet
1:30 Bus leave Fitgers

“Blood Memoirs: Exploring Individuality, Memory and Culture through Portraiture”

Guest curator Amber-Dawn Bear Robe has created a compelling exhibition of painting, sculpture, photography, works on paper and video, all of which explore identity through the eyes of native and non-native artists. The exhibition looks at the contemporary vision of the “North American Self” by spotlighting how the artists choose to represent themselves. Bear Robe specifically chose artists who emphasize an alternative vision, depict history and humor, and portray the commonalities as well as differences in culture and character.

Also showing at the Tweed in the Balcony Gallery, “Treasures From Tweed: Transcendental Landscape Paintings”. From the Hudson River Valley, to the forests of rural France, to the shores of Lake Superior, come and witness the range and variety of George Tweed’s collecting style with this treasure-filled exhibition of twenty-seven 19th and early 20th century landscape paintings from the George P. Tweed Memorial Art Collection.


Workshop Origami with Eric Gjerde
Workshop is free. $10 pp additional for optional soup and sandwich buffet.
Begins at 1:30 in the August Fitger Room.
You may choose to participate in this hour-long, hands-on workshop, folding a few simple design exercises that come directly from Josef Albers at the Bauhaus School.



Film Between the Folds
The film is free. $10 pp additional for optional soup and sandwich buffet.
Begins at 2:00 in the Spirit of the North Theater.
56 minutes.
Around the globe, several fine artists and theoretical scientists are abandoning more conventional career paths to forge lives as modern-day paper folders. Through origami, these offbeat and provocative minds are reshaping ideas of creativity and revealing the relationship between art and science. This film chronicles 10 of their stories. While debates ebb and flow on issues of folding technique, symbolism and purpose, this unique film shows how closely art and science are intertwined. The medium of paper folding — a simple blank, uncut square — emerges as a resounding metaphor for the creative potential for transformation in all of us.


On Your Own
$10 pp for optional lunch including soup & sandwich buffet

Have a leisurely lunch. Shop. Nap. Sightsee.
Get a massage. Get a cup of coffee. Visit with friends.

Walk the lake to Canal Park.

Get a book and read. Get a sketch pad and draw. Get a journal and write.

Your choice ... enjoy!



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