Designer/Project Manager

Post Date: Thursday, August 8
Job Title: Designer/Project Manager
Organization: Intereum, Inc
Description: Position Description: The primary responsibility of Designer/ Project Manager is to provide technical design support for contract furnishing budgets, evaluation, selection, specification and pricing for projects generated by Sales. This position has additional responsibilities for supporting the order fulfillment process including: product specifications, reviewing product orders and project coordination. Primary Responsibilities: A. Gathers Programming Information 1. Meets with Sales to review scope of work, budgets and other qualifying information 2. Interviews client to conduct a needs analysis 3. On-site field measurements to verify critical dimensions 4. Develops timeline with Sales (when PM is involved assists PM with key deliverable dates) B. Generates Typicals for Budgeting, Participates in Product Evaluation, and Selection 1. Generates typical drawings and specifications from ‘pre-qualified budget ranges’ 2. Provides value engineering and/or upgrade options as requested 3. Participates in product evaluations, selection of details and materials 4. Generates requested collateral materials and presentation boards C. Design, Development of Furniture Floorplan, Specifications and Finish Form for Approvals 1. Generates overall floorplan from approved typicals 2. Presents floorplans and shop drawings to customer for approval sign-off 3. Assists client in finalizing finishes, presents finish form for approval sign-off 4. Generates final specifications and summary sheets D. Provides Installation and Sales Packets, Follows Spec Check Process 1. Prepares install packets for PM (or others who are responsible for submitting IQ quote) 2. Conducts self-spec check of plan and specifications 3. Prepares documents for Spec Checker 4. Makes requested revisions and returns to Spec Checker for approval and sign-off 5. Provides pricing worksheet for Sales to review with client for budget approval 6. Generates ‘Sales Packet’ for Sales to review and approve E. Exports SIF Files for Team Design Proposals 1. Provides final product, freight, glass and options pricing in pricing worksheet to Sales (CS imports into Team Design for Proposal) F. Provides Collateral Materials, Assists with Bid and Proposal Responses 1. Provides requested presentation materials (fly throughs, 3D drawings and renderings) 2. Participates in bid and proposal responses (proposal binders, drawings and materials) G. Assists with Generation of Punch List Specifications 1. Generates specifications and assists Client Services with processing punch orders H. Provides Design Fee Options and Maintains Timesheets 1. Calculates Technical Design hours for typicals or assists with generating Design Contracts 2. Maintains accurate timesheet records I. Project Management (for small projects when a PM is not involved) 1. Generates and reviews Installation Drawings with Install Company 2. Verifies field measurement, critical dimensions and electrical/data locations 3. Participates in construction and other key project meetings 4. Co-ordinates and communicates schedules with customer, contractors, trades and Work Team 5. Oversees progress of installation with Install Company J. Walk-thru, Owns Punch List Completion (for small projects when a PM is not involved) 1. Conducts walk-thru and generates the handwritten punch list 2. Researches, generates specifications, assists Client Services with processing punch orders 3. Owns the completion of the punch list to the satisfaction of the customer Job Qualifications Skills/Knowledge/Abilities: • Technical Proficiency. Adept at using technological tools including AutoCAD, rendering software, Microsoft Office Suite and other systems specifically designed for the commercial furniture/modular wall industry and Intereum process support software. Willingness to learn new systems and programs. • Attention to detail. Skilled at translating concepts into complete and accurate specifications in short time periods. Is capable of accurately assessing architectural field conditions and understanding interfaces between building systems and modular products. • Well organized time manager. Adept at prioritizing deliverables and maintaining focus on multiple projects at one time. Is self motivated and consistently demonstrates initiative, drive and perseverance in achieving objectives. • Outstanding presentation and communications skills. Able to communicate ideas through proposals and drawings in a thoughtful yet compelling manner • Strong team orientation. Works well with and through others. • Team player. • Responsive to all internal and external customer requests.
Salary: TBD
Contact Information: Penny M Rosson
Contact Phone: 763-417-3390
Contact Email:
Misc. Info: Experience/Education: • 5+ years experience in interior design or closely related technical services or products industry. • Bachelor’s degree in interior design or equivalent. • Strong understanding of the basics of interior commercial construction, architecture and design, real estate and contract furnishings or healthcare.