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AIA Minnesota Committees

Architecture in the Schools
Chair: Bob Russek. AIA
AIA MN Staff Liaison: Angie McKinley
If you are interested in inspiring the next generation of architects, this is the committee for you. Help to create ties to the K-12 education community, bring architectural ideas and concepts into the classroom and develop educational materials.

Architecture Minnesota
Chair: Steven Dwyer, AIA
AIA MN Staff Liaison: Christopher Hudson
Always keeping in mind the magazine's educational mission as the primary outreach tool of AIA Minnesota, committee members meet once a month to: brainstorm ideas for future issues, critique past issues, help balance the needs of the magazine's readership (AIA members and the public), volunteer to write articles and provide overall support to the editor.

BIM Breakfast Club
Co-Chairs: Karie Johnson, AIA
AIA Staff Liaison: Deanna Christiansen
The BIM Breakfast Club meets monthly to discuss the impacts of BIM on the architectural profession with a cross-disciplinary mix of architects, contractors, educators, lawyers and manufacturers.

Building Codes
Chair: Gerhard Guth, AIA
AIA Staff Liaison: Deanna Christiansen
Do you want to know what's happening with codes, have an impact in shaping code changes, or help to promote the state-wide enforcement of codes? This committee provides a great opportunity to do just that.

Building Enclosure Council
Chair: Judd Peterson, AIA
AIA Staff Liaison: Deanna Christiansen
Do you worry about potential technical failures in your award winning designs? BEC Minnesota is a forum where interested parties can discuss and learn the most effective detailing and materials issues about exterior envelopes of commercial, institutional and residential structures. The local BEC has affiliations not only with the AIA, but also with the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS), the Building Enclosure Technology and Environment Council (BETEC), and other BEC councils.

Committee on Design
Chair: Jeff Mandyck, AIA
AIA Staff Liaison: Mary Larkin and Chris Hudson
Award-winning architecture, architects, and collaborative efforts are the focus of this committee. Juries are selected, criteria is evaluate,d and talent gets recognized through Honor, Special, Young Architect, 25-Year, Louis Lundgren, Gold Medal, and Firm Awards. It also oversees the Affordable Housing Design Award.

Committee on the Environment (COTE)
Co-Chairs: Doug Pierce, AIA, Jess Roberts, Assoc. AIA
AIA Staff Liaison: Chris Hudson
COTE focuses on environmental issues and their relation to building materials and aesthetics, including philosophy, education, economic considerations and legal ramifications.

Continuing Education Committee
Team Chairs: Steve Haasl, AIA
AIA Staff Liaison: Deanna Christiansen
Assisting AIA members with their professional development, this committee provides continuing education opportunities to help members meet AIA's mandatory CE requirement, as well as the State of Minnesota's requirement for licensure. It is currently composed of two teams. Consider joining this group and become a part of this important member service.

Chair: Brian Tempas, AIA
AIA Staff Liaison: Angie McKinley
Be a part of the AIA Minnesota annual convention. This committee chooses the theme and graphics, designs the exhibit hall environment, special exhibits, and plans fun activities including the Awards Celebration.

Council of Firms
Co-Chairs: Jeremy Mayberg, AIA; Michelle Mongeon Allen, AIa
AIA Staff Liaison: Chris Hudson
If you're a firm owner or principal, this forum provides a great place to exchange your best-practice ideas and learn how other firms excel as well as discussing the challenges of running an architectural firm.

Emerging Professionals (EPC)
Co-Chairs: Von Petersen, Assoc. AIA; Jodi Masanz Larson, Assoc. AIA
AIA Staff Liaison: Angie McKinley
The EPC is a group which focuses on engaging Associate members and Architects within their first ten years of licensure through programs and activities that encourage membership, participation, and leadership in the profession. The Wednesday Night Draughting Club (WNDC), along with educational and informative events such as the Speed Portfolio Review and firm tours are hallmarks of this committee’s yearly calendar.

Government Affairs
Co-Chairs: Meredith Hayes Gordon, AIA; Eric West, AIA
AIA MN Staff Liaison: Beverly Hauschild-Baron, Hon. AIA
Every practicing architect is affected by the bills passed by the legislature. This committee needs architects who want to shape those laws to have a positive effect on the practice of architecture. Legislative activity is vitally important to the health of the profession.

Homes by Architects Tour
Co-Chairs: Ashley Mitlyng, AIA
AIA Staff Liaison: Angie McKinley
The Homes by Architects Tour Comm
ittee plans the annual Homes by Architects home tour showcasing 18-28 architecturally designed homes in September. This committee shows the value of quality architecture and collaborative process with an architect to the public.

Housing Advocacy
Co-Chairs: Jennifer Hilla Schlag, AIA and Benjamin Ptacek, Assoc. AIA
AIA Staff Liaison: Mary Larkin
This committee addresses affordable housing and homelessness. Architects can be key players in this social problem and by joining this committee, you can help improve housing conditions in the state. You can also assist in planning and participate in our annual Design Charrette which benefits local housing agencies, along with other activities.

Intern Development Program (IDP)
Co-chairs: Meg Parsons, AIA; Mandi Tauferner, Assoc. AIA
AIA Staff Liaison: Deanna Christiansen
Do you have an interest in what it takes to complete the Intern Development Program? Would you like to help make the IDP process easier for interns to understand? Join the IDP committee and help make IDP more user-friendly for you, your firm, and other interns!

Lake Superior Design Retreat (LSDR)
Chair: David Schilling, AIA
AIA Staff Liaison: Deanna Christiansen
Join the LSDR committee to shape this unique annual winter weekend retreat. Committee members find diverse and talented designers to present at the retreat, and plan tours and activities for the weekend which broaden attendees' design processes and perspectives.

Leadership Forum
Chair: Ken Sheehan, AIA
AIA Staff Liaison: Deanna Christiansen
This committee engages a small group of mid-career AIA Minnesota architects in understanding and strengthening their leadership skills in the area of communication, ethics, motivation, community outreach and membership.

Minnesota Design Team (MDT)
Chair: Melissa Ekman, AIA; Samantha Crosby
AIA Staff Liaison: Mary Larkin
Make a difference in rural Minnesota communities by volunteering with this committee which organizes multi-disciplinary teams to visit small towns. MDT researches the community's needs and recruits a variety of design professionals to assist the town in improving their built environment.

Residential Architecture
Steering Committee Chair: Tim Fuller, AIA
AIA Staff Liaison: Angie McKinley
This committee creates awards programs and reviews and participates in marketing and public awareness opportunities unique to residential architects. In addition, there are discussions that shape continuing education programs and address other specific needs of residential architects.

Small Firm Practice
Co-Chairs: Steven Fichtel, AIA, AIA; Tan Nguyen, AIA
AIA Staff Liaison: Deanna Christiansen
This committee addresses the unique issues related to small firm practice. As a forum it provides a place to exchange ideas, concerns, successes, failures, resources and more that affect practice in a small firm.

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