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January - February 2008
Vol. 34 No. 1

St. John’s Abbey and University in Collegeville, Minnesota, is internationally revered for its stirring collection of modern buildings. The story of how St. John’s arrived at its progressive course of architecture is an interesting one, and writer Nancy A. Miller bridges past and present to tell it.
26       The Breuer Zone
By Nancy A. Miller
With concrete, granite, brick, and a singular vision, Marcel Breuer transformed the St. John’s campus into a sanctuary of modern architecture.
32       A New Chapter
By Nancy A. Miller
The renovation and expansion of the St. John’s Chapter House beautifully integrates the building with the iconic Abbey Church and cloister walk.
36       A Warm Reception
By Nancy A. Miller
The 21st-century St. John’s Abbey Guesthouse gracefully fulfills the requirements of the sixth-century Rule of St. Benedict for the accommodation of guests.
39       POWER TOOLS
In their quest to create ultra-energy-efficient buildings with limited carbon footprints, architects rely on energy modeling and innovative energy design. In the articles below, we explain the former and profile two LEED projects that showcase the latter.
40       Energy Modeling 101
By David Eijadi, FAIA
For a tutorial on the basics of energy modeling, we turned to an architect with more than 25 years’ experience in the field.

44       Energy Star
By Camille LeFevre
A Minnesota power company builds its new headquarters to achieve massive energy savings. It’s called leading by example.

48       Going Stag Is Going Green
By Heather Beal
Restaurants are energy gluttons. The new Red Stag Supper Club in Minneapolis is proof that it doesn’t have to be that way.

By Thomas Fisher, Assoc. AIA
By Thomas Fisher, Assoc. AIA The dean of the University of Minnesota’s College of Design shares an excerpt from his forthcoming book Architectural Design and Ethics.

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7         Editor’s Note

11         Culture Crawl compiled by Emily Dowd
Hey, it’s not that cold out. So put on your coat and warm up the car. We’ve got the whole night planned for you.
13        Fiction by Phillip Glenn Koski, AIA
In the conclusion of “First Avenue North,” Carol and new friend Dr. Francisco Martini aim to enrich the urban fabric of Mill City.
15        Platform by Mason Riddle  
A furniture design exhibition at Carleton College assembles the work of some of the top independent furniture makers in the Upper Midwest.

17        Wayfarer by Tom Meyer, FAIA
A local architect returns from Hamburg, Germany, and captures its diverse urban environment in words and pictures.
21        Material Matters by Nancy A. Miller
Concrete, it turns out, has far more potential for creating rich textures and visually arresting surfaces than most people realize.
23        Insight by Tom DeAngelo, FAIA
The design odyssey of the new Guthrie mixed high drama and comic relief. An insider shares a few of the more theatrical moments.

80        Place
Photographer and graphic designer Katrin Loss finds architectural expression at the edge of a Minnesota lake in winter.

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On the Cover
St. John’s Abbey Church
Photographer comment: “Lightness is not often associated with concrete, but the massive concrete forms of Marcel Breuer’s St. John’s Abbey Church seem to float weightlessly,” says Paul Crosby. “The organic, monolithic shapes take on a soft texture in sunlight filtered through the stained glass. I find the unexpected lightness and texture of the space deeply stirring.”

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